Exhibitors FAQ

Is there a Facebook Event page?
Yes! Keep up with up to the minute announcements at:

Where is the show?
Tidewater Comicon
Virginia Beach Convention Center
1000 19th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

How much is parking?
Parking is FREE at the convention center

What are the show hours?
Convention Hours:
May 13-14 Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5.

How big are the booths?
All booths are 10ft x 10ft. All vendor tables are 8ft x 2 1/2 ft. All artist alley tables are 6ft x 2 1/2 ft.
Each booth comes with one table and 1 chair. Vendor Corner booths come with 2 tables.

Can I split my table with another vendor/artist?
Sorry, we do not allow table splitting. The only exception is the same team on the same project.

How many badges come with each table?
Each table/booth receives 2 exhibitor badges. You can purchase a 3rd pass for half-off during load in. Any additional passes must be purchased online or at the box office at regular price.

Artist Alley Note: To keep things from getting cramped there can be no more than two people behind an artist alley table at any time.

Can I get another chair?
Additional chairs can be rented from the convention center with a max of 1 more per booth.
(Why 1? We don’t want to overcrowd the Vendor/Artist areas.)
We recommend bringing an extra foldout chair if you need one.

Is electricity and wifi included with my table?
No. Electricity is available through the convention center for an additional fee here :

NOTE: Wifi is available through a pop up screen on the day of the show. Please do not purchase the internet through exhibitor services. That is for setting up a computer and internet at your table. Self-Serve WiFi is $12.95 a day.

When can we set up our table?
Load in hours are 6pm-10pm on Friday May 12, 2017. And 6am-9:45am on Saturday May 14, 2017.
At 9:30am the LARGE roll up doors will close. You can still use the regular load in doors.
At 10am on Sat the gates will be closed and WILL NOT reopen until the close of the show on Sunday.

Where is load-in?
Load in will be at the rear of the building.

From 19th street you will turn at the light on Jefferson and go to the rear gate.

Note: Skipping the line will result in your removal from the show.
Note: All vendors must park OUTSIDE the gates once they have unloaded. Violators will be towed.
You CAN leave your vehicles in the convention center parking overnight.

When will the map go up/when will I get my booth number?
Booth assignments typically go up 30 days prior to the show. Usually sooner but as you can imagine there is a lot to juggle. Each year we get a lot of emails about this one so please bear with us and know that they will be up as soon as they are done.

Where do I get my badges?
During Load-In we have a table for you to check in, then get shown to your booth. You will receive your badges and also be able to purchase additional badges (if needed) at a discount (maximum of 3 total per booth).

Can I just bring my stuff in the front of the building?
No. In previous years exhibitors have damaged doors coming in with their merch and it is no longer allowed.

Is there security overnight at the show?
Yes. There is security on site at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and the doors to the exhibitor hall are locked. TWCC is not liable for any lost or stolen items at the show so we encourage you to take any items that are of unusually high value with you.

What time is load out?
Load out is from 5pm-9:30pm on Sunday.

I don’t like where my booth is. Can I move?
No. When the maps are finalized that is it and there will no switching around. Anyone violating this policy will be ejected without refund.

The person next to me didn’t show up. Can I have their space?
No. You cannot takeover an empty space.

Can I bring food, pornography, weapons, and fireworks?
No. Anyone violating this policy will be ejected without refund.

Do I get a tablecloth with my booth?
No. But you are welcome to bring your own.

What should I bring for my booth?
Every space is different but there are a few things we’ve noticed seem to help every booth:

Business Cards (To encourage future business)
Email Signup (Clipboard and Paper)
Hand Sanitizer (Avoid the Con Crud)

How can I set up my booth?
There are probably a hundred different variations to set up but here are some great booths from previous exhibitors.

Promotional Tools:

These images are great for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also use the clear background images for those of you with photoshop that would like to add your own artwork.