Cosplay Contest

Jackie Craft

Photo Credit: Strike and Hide Media and Garry Mitchell Photography


1. Any weapons must be PROP only. If you can hurt someone with it, leave it at home. NO Airsoft, etc.
2. You can enter in one category per day.
3. Originally crafted costumes only.
(Store bought costumes are still welcome to enter).
For full Cosplay Prop guidelines click here


We love to add things each year so right now we guarantee a Cash prize, Trophies, and some extra cool Swag provided by our sponsors.
We want to keep adding prizes so we will announce the FULL prize list a week before the show. If you are interested in Sponsoring the Costume Contest please contact us.


Pre-Judging Table will be conducted by the main stage at 2:30pm Saturday and 1:30 Sunday.
Finalists will go on stage Saturday at 5(ish) and Sunday at 4(ish).
Top three finalists in each category will be called on stage and then Winners will be announced.


Best Male Cosplay
-Honorable Mentions for best Hero, Villain, and Sidekick.

Best Female Cosplay
-Honorable Mentions for best Hero, Villain, and Sidekick.

Judge’s Favorites
-Each judge will give an award for their favorite Cosplay.


Best Group Cosplay (4 or more people with theme)
-Honorable Mentions for most Accurate, Creative, and Funniest

Best Youth Cosplay (12 and under)
-Honorable Mentions for most Accurate, Creative, and Funniest

Top Prize Best In Show
-One top winner will be chosen as a “Best Overall” from category winners.

May 12-13, 2018 @ Virginia Beach Convention Center
Virginia Beach, VA 20151

Saturday 10-6
Sunday 11-5

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